Who We Serve

Global Nominees Limited is rewarded in knowing that our work touches the lives of children, teens, adults, seniors, doctors, patients, teachers and persons religious every day. We are proud to help strengthen the organizations that strengthen Hong Kong society as a whole.

Codes of Conduct :

1. Act in Good Faith - Acting in good faith and in the best interests of beneficiaries in
    accordance with the objects of the trust.
2. Act with Prudence and Care - Acting with prudence and reasonable care in the
    performance of the trustee’s duties.
3. Act with Skill and Diligence - Acting with appropriate skill, competence and diligence in the
    performance of the trustee’s duties.
4. Act with Integrity and Independence - Acting fairly, consistently, objectively and
    impartially when reaching decisions relating to the trust and its beneficiaries. Maintaining
    independence and integrity by managing conflicts of interest fairly and objectively.
5. Maintain Confidentiality - Maintaining the confidentiality of all trust related information and
    treating any personal data with the utmost care and sensitivity. Avoid disclosure of
    information to third parties except where required for the management of the trust or in
    accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
6. Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations - Comply with all applicable laws,
    regulations and the trust constitutive documents.
7. Communicate Effectively in a Transparent Manner - Communicating with interested
    parties in an informed, timely, accurate and transparent manner.
8. Promote the Highest Standards of Governance - Actively contributing towards improving
    the governance of the trust and maintaining a good governance structure to discharge the
    trustee’s duties.
9. Act in Accordance with Trust Objects - Acting fairly, consistently, objectively and
    impartially when dealing with trust participants and beneficiaries.