Global Nominees Limited is one the Hong Kong's professional fundraising firms, specializes in capital campaign direction and major gift development. By employing only the most experienced professionals Global Nominees Limited is able to offer a vast array of philanthropic development services tailored to meet your organization's individual culture and needs.



The Global Nominees Limited is committed to building each client's capacity to fulfill their mission. We partner with our clients to gain a clear understanding of existing internal and external factors - resulting in a plan to effectively address present needs and successfully reach future goals.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance Analysis
  • Board Recruitment and Training
  • Professional Development
  • Facilitation Services
  • Program Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Counsel and Coaching


Our Executive Search consultants have served as directors, board members and staff leaders in  organizations. We understand the environment, the constraints and each client's need for exceptional candidates to provide strong leadership. We promote diversity at all levels of the selection process.


Managing information effectively is an integral part of successful development efforts. Our IT team helps clients with both the technical aspects of information management and the integration of technology with the overall fundraising process. From training to audits to data conversions, IT consultants help strengthen our clients' organizational capacity.

  • E-mail Marketing and Digital Advertising
  • Information Technology Planning
  • Clients Data Integration


  • Benefit Entitlements / Corporate Actions ; such as a Nominee to hold stocks or apply IPO
  • Collect instructions from Participants and take action on their behalf or to facilitate the taking of actions by Participants directly
  • Corporate Representative
  • Allow participants to amend authorised instructions
  • Acted as proxy to vote on behalf of the beneficial shareholders
  • Full invoicing and bookkeeping facilities
  • Introduction to suitable auditors if required

Global Nominees Limited is proud to bring the promise of growth to communities across Hong Kong. Our work spans the range of profit organizations or non-profit organizations  from youth and social services to religious orders and organizations to healthcare, education and the arts.

For a comprehensive overview, please contact us on 2111 0183.